Where do you source from? 

Short answer is anywhere and everywhere. This is much more complex than the linear model of manufacturing. We will be sourcing from multiple avenues, constantly reaching out and finding new suppliers and hidden gems at the back of your nans closet. Not knowing where our next source will be coming from is a unique challenge and gift of the way Worne is structured.

A circular economy is an ever changing system of re-thinking, shifting and evolving as the landscape of waste does. Cleaning up the mess the fashion and textile industry has created was never going to be easy, but with the right
co-ordination and collaboration this system could really thrive. We are sure that we will constantly re-shaping the way we source as we grow. The the moment our sources come from:  

• Community donations
• Op shops
• Excess/dead stock from factories and projects.


 Do you dismantle clothing for components?  
Although we do dismantle the odd backpack or bag for components. We aren't currently accepting clothing for dismantling, however we have partnered with the Circular Centre and Achieve Australia Disability services in NSW who do dismantle existing damaged/unwearable clothing. The Circular centre recycles the textile waste and we handle any usable hardware and components, we sort and re-distribute them back into the supply chain. 


Are you taking donations? 
Yes we are currently taking donations. At the moment we are only taking pre-production dead stock donations. We have minimum quantities for donations. We aren't currently taking one off pieces. Unless it's for metal ware such a  buckles and chains, elastic/padding or anything still in it's original packaging. 

Zips: Must be at least 10 of the same
Buttons: Minimum 20 of the same
For everything else we assess it case by case, but the general rule is the more of the same the better. Once your items have been approved we will organise a free pick up from your door and a voucher for your next purchase with us! 
We realised it's tricky to set parameters so early in the journey, we are sure that how we accept donations will change and we grow so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 
Below is our first large donation received from Ivana Taylor Design. Ivana got in touch after her mum who works in the costume department at NIDA arts centre received a large donation of vintage zips they didn't know what to do with. There were literally thousands of zips in these 13 boxes that we have diverted from landfill.  


  Can I buy wholesale?

We do provide options for ABN holders looking to purchase larger volumes of trims for upcoming projects. We offer discount pricing in these cases so let us know if your planning a collection that will need over 100 pieces and we will send you through a personalised discount code. Otherwise on our website we currently offer 20% off if you purchase over 20 items. 


 What kind of quantities are available? 
The world of sustainable sourcing is not as simple and linear as we hope it one day will be. We list all we have available on our website, some items we may have up to 1,000 of and other maybe just a one off piece. Of course as well, being second hand, once it is sold out on our website it's gone for good. If you are a designer creating a collection and require a specific large quantity, get in touch with us and we can chat about how we can help. We love working one on one with you to bring your vision to life in the most earth-happy way possible. 
Got more questions? Shoot us an email, we would love to hear from you! enquiries@worne.world