Worne is a fashion supply store for designers with a vision for slow, curated and planetary protective design. The realisation dawned on us that there are countless incredibly creative and talented designers wanting to shift away from buying new resources to bring their visions to life. However the supply industry, especially in Australia, is deeply lacking in supporting these creatives. This is where Wornes vision comes in.

We are beginning to slowly shift the scales of production. However there are still a lot of pieces missing from what goes into making a garment. We focus on the second hand, dismantled and deadstock hardware; the zips, buttons, buckles and anything else we can get our hands on.

Our aim is to redirect this out of landfill and back into the supply chain to give it more life. So much of what we need in fashion design already exists, it’s just not organised. Our earth is relying on us now, to get organised, realise the potential in what we have already created. To slow down, help and educate each other to create while protecting our natural resources. 
Worne is created for and dedicated to our collective mother, Earth.